Why does COB LED Strip Light replace SMD LED Strip Light?

LED Strip Light is the most important light for linear lighting, it can be used alone, also can perfectly working with Neon Tube Silicone Sleeve and Aluminium Profiles so that it is widely applied indoor or outdoor.  With the development of LED technology, LED Strip Light also have more new products coming, such as our COB LED Strip Light.

iLed as the leader of COB LED Strip Ligth manufacturer, we can know COB LED Strip Light will replace SMD LED Strip Light by comparing their production processes,

SMD LED Strip Light is soldering SMD LED Sources on the FPCB, at first, we have to package LED chips into SMD LEDS such as SMD5050,SMD2835. As usual, these two steps are done by two factories, LED Strip Light factory purchase SMD LED Source and then soldering ,test and packaging.  And then by external glue, glue injection, silicone casing,PU casing, etc., to achieve different waterproof levels

COB LED Strip Light  - iLed improves the process, we directly package the LED chip onto the circuit board FPCB by  flip-chip process, and then make different colors by droping different silicone and  phosphor powder. so the COB LED Strip Light can packaging high density LED chips one the strip to provide more brightness, not dots, more soft and better consistency. They can also have the same ways for waterproof as SMD LED Strip Lights.

We can see COB Strip Light can have more advantages by new process, of course the detail steps are more complex, so the cost is higher than SMD LED Strip Lights. But with the perfection and maturity of the process, the cost of COB LED Strip Light will be down.

Article from the lead of COB LED Stip Light Manufacturer - iLed

[Launch Time: 2021-12-08 10:03:23]

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