What is COB LED Strip Light? - The leader of COB Strip Light tell you

We should understand the ‘COB’ before studying cob strip lights. COB is Chips on Board which means lots of LED chips are integrated packaging on a board. This is not a new technology in LED filed, we applied COB LED in many products and applications for many years, such as LED downlight, high bay light, flood light. But as usual, the board of COB is not flexible, you can see some brands of COB, such as CREE, Citizen, Brigelux, Philps, Osram, the lighting from COB is more brightness, more soft, and high color index, also has lighting  consistency. All of these advantages makes iLed develop COB technology to strip light.

With the maturity of packaging technology, we use a special flexible strip board, and densely packaging lots of LED chips (Such as 480pcs , 512 pcs per meter) on the flexible strip line board by flip chip bonding,and then dropping a layer of encapsulation glue mixed with phosphor powder directly on the chip surface. We will make the board bake on the oven.

The raw materials of our COB LED Strip Lights will use LED chips, Flexible Strip, Solder paste,PCB circuit board,phosphor powder , silica gel and etc.

Article from the lead of COB LED Stip Light Manufacturer - iLed

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