What advantages does COB LED Strip Light have?

As iLed promotes the technology of packaging COB in felxible FPCB, COB LED Strip Lights are thought as the most poplular linear light in future, right now, iLed has Single Color COB LED Strip Lights, Dual Color COB LED Strip Lights and RGB COB LED Strip Lights. Now that COB Strip Lights are the trend, what advantages does COB LED Strip Light have?

1. Good uniformity with high density.

2. Linear without light spot, RA>90 light color is soft and color consistency is good.

3. Good heat dissipation, low heat, long life, can be freely twisted immortal light.

4. Can be freely matched and combined by iLed Patent COB Strip Light Connectors.

5. Green environmental protection, no pollution with High Lumen Effective.

6. High reliability, no dead light, no dark area.

7. Light decay is minimal, long life 50 000 hours.

8. Safe and reliable, all working voltage is 12VDC or 24VDC

9. iLed has CE ErP test report for COB LED Strip Lights.

Article from the lead of COB LED Stip Light Manufacturer - iLed

[Launch Time: 2021-12-10 08:00:03]

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